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Monika Radulovic  Intro   Welcome


Hello, beautiful! Welcome to my brand new website and blog; I’m SO excited to have you here!

I created this blog in order to have way that I could connect with you, my gorgeous tribe, on a deeper level, sharing the different facets of my life with you all. We’ll be delving into my career in the fashion and entertainment industry, my favourite travel spots and adventures, super effective fitness tips and tricks as well as delicious (AND healthy) recipes I love.

As well as these exciting and fun topics, a MASSIVE focus of this blog will be on my greatest passions; health and wellness of the mind, body and soul.

I want to say from the get-go that I’m going to get deep, honest and REAL with you. Discussing various struggles that I’ve faced on my journey so far (some of which I’m still dealing with) that I know so many of us can relate to, and dish out the best tools and advice I’ve learnt along the way to help empower you to overcome such situations. Stay tuned because we’ll be delving into topics like improving your body image, cultivating self-love, issues of comparing yourself to others, and how to negate the pressures of social media just to name a few!


I have my first honest confession to make (yes, even before I officially start tackling any topics): This website has been a dream of mine for over a year. I have had the vision of launching a blog where I could connect with gorgeous people like you on a more substantial level, but I found it incredibly hard to muster up the courage to actually start writing anything!

Why was it SO hard to write about topics that I’m super passionate about?! After MUCH introspection, I realise that my writer’s block stemmed from an ANXIETY that kept playing out in my mind.

“What if I’m not a good enough writer?!”
“What if no one is interested in what I have to say?!”
“My blog cannot be launched until it is PERFECT!”

These were just some of the negative things I repeated again and again in my mind every time I thought about starting writing until they crippled me so much that I had to lay down and eat half a block of chocolate to ease my anxiety (yep, emotional-eater right here¬∑ another topic I’ll make sure to delve into!)

Thinking about it now, the whole situation was ridiculously ironic. I mean, the deepest core message want to engrain in you from reading my blog is that I am NOT perfect, that there is NO such thing as perfection, and that we are all ENOUGH exactly as we are! So what kind of hypocrite would I be if I tried to make this blog “perfect” or anything else other than what is truly, authentically me??

Therefore, I promise to be completely genuine, honest and REAL throughout this journey with you. My hope is that this website will be a source of inspiration for you; to guide you, encourage you and motivate you to live your best, healthiest, most confident, bursting-at-the-seams happiest life. You deserve nothing less, darling girl!

Moni xx